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Toilets should be well functioning and devised to flush waste effectively using optimum consumption of water. Toilets can be one-piece and two-piece. The one-piece models are detailed in their design and should be installed in a bathroom that has premium vacant space. The two-piece model has the bowl and the tank separate. The shape of the bowl can also vary. They come in round, oblong, and elongated shapes. The flush mechanism, size, and height of the toilet, the amount of water the toilet requires for flushing, should be considered before making the purchase. Space is also a major consideration.

  • American Standard 2889.216.021
  • Brand: American Standard
  • Product Dimension: 35 x 35 x 22 inches
  • Color: Bone
  • Weight: 92 pounds

  • American Standard 2034.014.020
  • Brand: American Standard
  • Product Dimension: 32.1 x 30.5 x 20.9 inches
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 119 pounds

  • KOHLER 3810-0
  • Brand: KOHLER
  • Product Dimension: 18.8 x 27.8 x 28.2 inches
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 102 pounds

  • TOTO MS604114CEFG#01
  • Brand: TOTO
  • Product Dimension: 28.3 x 16.6 x 28.8 inches
  • Color: Cotton White
  • Weight: 99 pounds

American-Standard 2889.216.021-H2Option Siphonic

Best Toilet ReviewsThe American Standard 2889.216.021 Siphonic is a two-piece toilet. It is a siphonic action dual flush toilet that is elongated in shape. It comes with a chrome-plated top mounted push button actuator. The toilet is constructed using vitreous china. The bowl in an elongated shape and the height of the seat is 15”. The option of choosing between 1 gallon and 1.6 gallons of water for flushing is provided. The siphon jet is efficient to enable the task of smooth flushing. The trap way is fully glazed.

The dimensions of the toilet are 29.8 x 15 x 29.5 inches and it weighs 91 pounds. The toilet comes with a WaterSense certification and has a 2-year limited warranty. American standard continues its unmatched legacy of quality and superior design. The siphonic action technology of the toilet is noiseless. It removes more bulk with less water. The H2Option of the dual control system features a top mounting actuator with two buttons. There is a light button with 1- gallon-per-flush to flush liquids and a heavy button with 1.6 GPF to the flush solids.

The dual functions allow the H2Option to save 25% more water as compared to other toilets. The siphonic action has a maximum performance rating and cleans the toilet in a single flush. It can handle 1000 gms of solids in heavy flush and 400 gms of liquid in light flush. The H2Option features a powerwash rim that ensures efficient cleaning of the bowl. When the water is fed into the rim chamber, air is introduced and the water is pressurized to discharge from the rim holes. This cleans and power-washes the bowl completely.

The jet-powered siphon action ensures the optimum water levels to be maintained in the bowl during the flush and allows better cleaning. The Speed Connect system of the American Standard toilets makes installation faster and hassle-free. It cuts the installation time by 30%. They come with pre-assembled factory parts, grommets and bolts, which reduce installation time.

The surface of the bowl is treated inside out. The EverClean surface prevents dirt, mold, algae, mildew, and fungus from accumulating on the toilet surface. This treatment keeps the surface clean and stain-free. The seat is not included with the toilet. This floor-mounted toilet is an efficient cleaning toilet which is simple and elegant in design. It is high in functionality and comes in shades of white, bone and linen colors. This product is worth its price.

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American-Standard 2034.014.020-Champion-4

Best Toilet ReviewsAmerican Standard 2034 is an ADA elongated one piece toilet. The EverClean surface provides an easy-clean surface that does not allow stains, molds, fungus, germs, and mildew to accumulate on it. The toilet is made in vitreous china and has a sturdy and stable body. This floor-mounted toilet comes in a single piece and ensures easy cleaning. Champion 4 is a quality toilet that easily cleans in one flush and does away with clogged toilets. It is geared to flush out 70% more bulk than other toilets. The maximum rating is 1000 gms, that too in just one flush.

The 4”piston action accelerator flush valve forces water into the bowl 3 times faster than a standard 2”valve, twice as fast as a 3” flush valve and 1/3 times faster than 3 ¼ “ valve. It can throw 360 degrees of the water in the bowl in less than a second. The Champion-4 consumes 1.6 gallons of water per flush which is a low consumption. Hence, it delivers high-performance while saving water.

The Champion-4 comes with a 2-3/8 “wide trapway. It is a fully-glazed trapway which is the largest in the industry. It enables a large bulk waste to move down the toilet efficiently. The EverClean surface has been treated for microbes and germs and does not allow stains and bacteria to settle easily. It will look the same sparkling-clean surface, even after many years of use.

This toilet is an ADA complaint product which complies with the standard height of 16 “. The dimensions of the toilet are 30×18×30 inches. The toilet comes in one –piece with two color-matched bolts. The weight of the item is 119 lbs. The product comes with a limited 10-year warranty. The seat of the toilet has to be purchased separately.

This Champion-4 toilet is floor-mounted and comes in three colors – Bone, white, and linen. It is a durable toilet that can be installed in hotels, public places homes, and more. It is easy-to-maintain and requires minimal extra cleaning. It is equipped with a siphon jet which ensures quick and spotless cleaning. The toilet can move large amounts of waste down the commode, without wasting large amounts of water. Therefore, they are energy efficient. Install this commode in your bathroom and avail its efficient flushing mechanism for many years to come.

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KOHLER 3810-0 Santa-Rosa Comfort Height-Elongated

Best Toilet ReviewsThe Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa is a one-piece toilet with seamless design. It integrates the tank and the bowl into a smart piece, which is ideal for your bathroom. It offers an easy-to-clean design and the perfect seating height to make sitting and standing more comfortable. The elongated bowl takes as much space as the round one, and provides a more comfortable seating.

The AquaPiston Canister facilitates water to flow from all sides into the bowl creating a powerful flush mechanism. The tough canister-design has 90% lesser exposed seal material. It is less than a 3” flapper for leak –free performance. The Kohler Santa Rosa toilet weighs 102 lbs and the dimensions are 18.8 x 27.8 x 28.2 inches. It is a floor-mounted commode with a limited one-year warranty. This toilet uses 1.28 gallons of water with every flush saving approximately 16,500 gallons every year.

The Santa Rosa is a compact design toilet that has an elongated shape which provides more space in a small area. The bowl height is the same as that of a standard chair, making it comfortable to sit and stand. This is a one-piece toilet which has lesser curves and seams. Therefore, it becomes easier to clean and reach the tough corners.
The AquaPiston flush allows water to flow from all sides into the bowl, thus ensuring proper cleaning.

This sleek design by Kohler can be eased placed in any bathroom. It will add to the look of the background. This toilet has a powerful flush which cleans effectively in one flush. There is no trouble of flushing 2-3 times to clean the toilet. The body of the toilet is made of Vitreous China which is easy to install, manage, and maintain. Cleaning the surface is not a problem as the surface does not allow stains and germs to settle on it easily.

This is a durable and quality product which lasts for a long time. It is available in a variety of colors like the biscuit, white, almond, dune, ice gray, sandbar, and black. The Kohler Santa Rosa has a left-hand trip lever that cleans in a single use.

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TOTO-MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax-II Het

Best Toilet ReviewsThe TOTO Ultramax is a WaterSense approved toilet. It has a universal seat height of 16-1/8” and the tank height is 28- 3/8”. It has a double cyclone flushing technology which gives a powerful yet quiet flush each time. The Sanagloss smooth and ion barrier glazing clean the toilet efficiently with every flush.

The toilet has a WaterSense certification as it uses only 1.28 gallons of water in every flush. The toilet weighs 99 pounds and the dimensions are 28.3 x 16.6 x 28.8 inches. It is an ADA compliant one-piece toilet with an efficiency of 4.8 Lpf. It has a double cyclone flushing action. The trip lever in on the left-hand side is in chrome plating. The tank cover, fittings, and the soft seat cover are available with the toilet.

The TOTO UltraMax 2 toilet features a double flushing cyclone system. It has two powerful nozzles to create a centrifugal force that cleans the rim and the bowl effortlessly with every flush. The rim does not have any holes, making the cleaning process easier.

The SanaGloss surface of TOTO is patented. This super smooth surface prevents stains, dirt, debris, bacteria, and marks from settling on the commode ceramic surface. Therefore the surface looks cleaner and easier to maintain. The Toto’s SanaGloss maintains the sparkling clean surface for many years to come. It creates an ionized barrier which prevents particles from sticking to the chinaware as the barrier repels away the particles.

The toilet seat complies with the standard height and is ergonomically placed to provide comfort seating. The seat has molded bumpers and High Gloss Polypropylene. It overcomes the seat slam problem rampant in toilet seats. These are constructed of high-quality durable plastic that prevents injuries and discomfort. The Toto toilets are known for their superior finish and bacteria and stain resistant surfaces. All Toto lavatory equipment is treated with this technology.

This floor-mounted toilet from Toto is a one-time buy. It will be there in your toilet for a long time. The Sanagloss surface will maintain the gloss and finish of the toilet surfaces and ensure effortless cleaning. The flush functions efficiently as it cleans in a single flush and refills immediately. There is a one-year limited warranty with the product. The toilet is available in colors – white, bone, colonial white, and Sedona beige. This is a long lasting product that will fit into any bathroom interiors. The one –piece toilet is water saving and takes lesser space.

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  • TOTO MS854114S#01
  • Brand: TOTO
  • Product Dimension: 28 x 17 x 28 inches
  • Color: Cotton White
  • Weight: 89 pounds

  • American Standard 2004.014.020
  • Brand: American Standard
  • Product Dimension: 29.8 x 17.8 x 28.1 inches
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 117 pounds

  • TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake
  • Brand: TOTO
  • Product Dimension: 28 x 19.5 x 28.5 inches
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 103 pounds

TOTO MS854114S#01-Ultramax Elongated

Best Toilet ReviewsThe Toto Ultramax MS8541114S#01 is a stylish one-piece toilet. It has a 3” wide flush valve and a powerful flushing system. The commercial-grade flush is noiseless. The 2 1/8” trap way is computer-designed and fully-glazed. The height of the bowl is 14-5/8”.

The product dimensions are 28 x 17 x 28 inches and it weighs 89 lbs. This elongated cotton white Toto Ultra max has been designed for ultimate seating comfort. The flush has a siphon jet flushing action with (6 Lpf/1.6 Gpf).

The tank cover, all fittings, trip lever and Softclose seat comes along with the toilet. This product comes with a five-year warranty. The Toto toilet has a 12” rough-in. The trip lever is chrome plated. G-Max 3 “increased valve opening and the wide trap way allow the water to enter the bowl quickly and in large volumes and then drives it down the toilet with increased force.

The flush valve and the trap way perform an effective ‘noiseless’ flush mechanism to avoid clogging and clean flushing. This technology ensures that the bowl gets cleaned in one flush. The powerful jet adds to this functionality to create an efficient flushing system.

The Softclose seat has ergonomic features, molded bumpers, and high gloss polypropylene which are resistant to chemicals. The seat is constructed of standard –quality plastic which is well-designed to avoid any slamming or injuries while operating the toilet. The soft hinge system of the toilet seat quietly lowers the seat to the bowl, without making any noise. There are top tightening mounting bolts provided for easy installation. The seats come with the toilets and are custom designed to fit the bowls perfectly.

The Toto UltraMax is a durable product from Toto. They are the world’s leading plumbing product makers and provide high-quality designs with superior facilities. This product if floor-mounted and comes with a one-year limited warranty. It is also an energy-efficient toilet that saves water. It is fairly priced and will last for many years to come.

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American Standard-2004.014.020

Best Toilet ReviewsAmerican Standard 2004.014.020 Champion-4 has an elegant design and impeccable finish. It is an elongated one-piece toilet which is manufactured in the United States. The toilet has an EverClean surface. This coating deprives bacteria, debris, algae, mold, and germs from settling on the Porcelain surface. There is a 4” piston action accelerator flush valve. The seat of the toilet is not included in the pack. The toilet weighs 117 lbs. The dimensions of the toilet are 29.8 x 17.8 x 28.1 inches.

The American Standard Champion-4 toilet has a 2-3/8” trap way and a 4” valve, which provides proper flushing and prevents clogging of toilets. The flush valve and trap way create a powerful flush mechanism which cleans the bowl and pushes down the bulk so that it does not return back. It has a mass removal rate of 1000 gms per flush. The American Standard tubs are capable of removing 70% more bulk than the other toilets. So, just one single flush is required to flush the waste.

The Champion-4 has an excellent Map- Maximum performance and also has a high water utilization capacity. It has a high water power to clean the toilet. The four” accelerator valve pushes more water into the bowl. It is the largest valve in the market and allows more water to enter at a greater force and clean quickly. This quick cleaning eliminates the chances of streaking.

The flow of the water in a 4” valve is three times faster than a standard 2” valve. It is also 1/3 times faster than a 3 -1/4 “valve. The fully glazed siphon trap way is 2-3/8 “wide. This is again the largest trap way available in toilets. It pushes down about 70% more waste matter than a standard 2” trap way.

The Everclean surface will reduce the task of additional cleaning of the toilet. It does not allow dirt and debris to accumulate and therefore, keeps the toilet surface sparkling and clean. The American Standard provides a ten-year warranty on the toilet; it includes all the features and the surface, inside out. The toilet comes with two-colored matched bolts. This floor- mounted toilet can be installed in any kind of toilet, against all backdrops. It is a tough and strong toilet, a one-time buy that will last for a long time.

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TOTO CST744SG#01-Drake 2-Piece Toilet

Best Toilet ReviewsThe Toto CST744SG#01 Drake is a contemporary high-profile design. This toilet has two components – C744EG#01 (bowl) and ST743S#01 (tank). The Sanagloss surface is equipped with the ionized barrier technology for fast and easy surface cleaning. The toilet is also provided with a fast flush technology. It has a valve which is 3 “wide and its 125% wider than the standard 2” valve.

The G-Max flushing system is a quiet yet high-powered commercial grade flushing system. The trap way is fully glazed and is wide at 2-1/8”, with computer designing. The rough-in dimension is 12”. The bowl height is 14. 6 “and the dimensions of the toilet are 28 x 19.5 x 28.5 inches. The weight of the toilet is 103 lbs. The Toto toilet has a low consumption of jet siphon flush at 1.6 GPF and 6 LPF. The toilet comes with the tank, fittings, and a chrome trip lever. The seat has to be taken separately.

Toto manufactures standard quality plumbing products. The products are precisely engineered and designed with detailing. The company provides functionality, design, performance and resilience in their products. Their products are durable and will last a lifetime. The Sanagloss toilets are low-maintenance items that do not require rigorous cleaning methods. They come with ionized barrier feature that repels the dirt, mold, bacteria, algae, and debris from the surface. They do not stick to the surface of the toilet and simply slip away.

This is a two-piece toilet that has been fitted well to function optimally. The elongated bowl provides comfort in seating while taking no extra space as compared to the round bowl. It is constructed of vitreous china and is an open-front design. The glazed cotton white finish speaks volumes about its finish and quality. This modern design can be installed in any contemporary setting. It will uplift the look of the bathroom and add value to it. It has been designed with care, built with grace and has advanced features that reduce the hassle of the user.

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Bottom Line

It is a lifetime product that comes at a reasonable price. All these toilets are highly functional products that have sleek designs. They are contemporary, classy, and elegant. The toilets utilize less amounts of water than the traditional pieces and therefore are energy-efficient. The surfaces and finishing is flawless and the body of all these toilets are durable. They can be easily installed and have a long life. Depending on the look, design, features and price, the user can pick the toilet that suits his needs the best.